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Eighty 5th Graders Visit

On Wednesday, October 13th Lincoln Lutheran was buzzing with the excitement of 5th graders. Eighty students from Christ Schools, Faith Lutheran, Messiah Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran joined the Lincoln Lutheran staff and a few high school students on an afternoon full of fun.

The afternoon started off with a short program led by Matt Heibel, Principal. A devotion was led by Amy Jurgens, Development Director, reminding the children that Jesus Christ is the only one who can lighten our daily burden. Whether these burdens are school-related or family-related, He is the only one we can turn to and have our pack lightened. The program continued with a demonstration by the Cheerleaders and Blue Angels. Mrs. Mariel Olp also briefly spoke about the drama opportunities that the 5th graders will have as they enter into Middle School. Isaiah Bockelman and Samantha Heibel, both seniors, spoke about their experiences at Lincoln Lutheran and all of the activities and other opportunities that they have participated in.

After the program, the 5th graders were separated into groups and participated in numerous activities around the school. The activities were as follows:

  • Puzzleville – Found the names of the books of the Bible in a short story
  • Healthy Home Snack – Learned the significance of a Christian home
  • Pinwheel Art – Learned how to make paper pinwheels
  • Computer Scavenger Hunt – Searched on the Lincoln Lutheran website to find answers to questions
  • Science Frog Hopping contest – Learned the art of origami and tried their hand at racing their paper frogs

The day ended with the distribution of goodie bags and a bus ride back to their schools. Lincoln Lutheran would like to thank the 5th graders, their teachers and parents for allowing them to visit our school and get a feel for what it is like to be a WARRIOR!

Please feel free to contact Matt Heibel, Principal, at or Carrie Merry, Recruitment Coordinator, at or call them at the office at (402) 467-5404 if you have any questions about Lincoln Lutheran or if you would like to have a personal tour of the facility.

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