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An Education Beyond the Classroom Walls

The seventh grade students of Lincoln Lutheran had the opportunity to experience an outdoor classroom this week. We started our day at Spring Creek Prairie exploring God’s creation. During our hike students recorded observations. They will use these reflections as inspiration for future writing projects. Students collected data on types of plants and animal life while completing a quadrant study. They will use the information to calculate the populations of the plants and animals of the 808 acre prairie in math class this week. Identifying insects and grasses, capturing ginormous spiders, and crumbling cow chips are experiences that will be drawn upon in future science lessons. Students also had the opportunity to reflect on how the landscape of Nebraska has changed. Standing in nineteenth century wagon ruts, students discussed the hardships of pioneer travelers. History was the focus of our afternoon. After a quick lunch, the seventh graders traveled to the Natural History Museum in Lincoln. Students learned about the Lewis and Clarks Expedition, reviewed Nebraska state history, and explored Nebraska’s contributions to World War II. We had a great day!


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