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2010 Distinguished Alumni Award - Matt Korte

Matt Korte

Matt Korte is a Lincoln native who has good memories of his relationships with students and teachers at Lincoln Lutheran.  Korte was born in Lincoln to Les and Judi Korte and grew up as a member of Christ Lutheran Church.  He is a 1985 graduate of Lincoln Lutheran Junior High before finishing high school at Lincoln High.

Korte went on to Concordia College in Seward, NE where he received NAIA All-District Football and Academic All-America honors while earning his bachelors degree in Secondary Education.  Later he attended Kansas State University receiving a degree in Educational Administration.  He taught math and coached football and baseball at Junction City High School, KS from 1991 to 1997 before serving as assistant principal of Reedsburg Area High School, WI from 1997 to 2001.

In 2001 he accepted a Divine Call to become the first principal of the new Concordia Jr.-Sr. High School in Omaha.  During his tenure as principal, the Lutheran school has grown from an initial enrollment of 45 students to 276 students in 2010-11.

When asked what his favorite memory from Lincoln Lutheran is, he replied:

“Probably Mr. Breckel in Study Hall with 25 junior high boys or playing basketball for school.  I can remember Mr. Breckel would discipline us in Study hall if we were talking or messing around by making us do push-ups.  So one of us would talk and without looking up from the desk he would say “Korte give me twenty” as he pointed at the floor.  On one particular occasion we were pretty squirrely and at one point in the period every person in the study hall was doing pushups.  I never forgot that day and I have never forgotten Mr. Breckel.  He was that teacher that most people can think back to and realize they were that one teacher that really influenced your life.  He was the one that really taught me how to study.  Thank you Mr. Breckel and thank you Lincoln Lutheran.”

Mr. Korte feels very strongly that his education at Lincoln Lutheran helped prepare him for the challenges he has faced in his life and career.

“Lincoln Lutheran provided in me an anchor to Christ.  Just like a boat that can still be tossed about in the waves by turbulent water is held firm to the bottom, Christ held me firm to himself.  I had plenty of turbulence, high waves and brokenness throughout my life, but the Lord is patient and strong and He stayed anchored to me.  He was able to use me in spite of my brokenness.”

Do you have any advice for our current Lincoln Lutheran students?

“Hold on to the Lord and know that you can never be too late, or broken, or busy, or shy, or meek, or bad for the Lord to use.  He is in the business of using the least of men or the worst of sinners (Paul) to His glory.  Just so everyone will know that only the Lord could have changed those hearts to His glory.”

Matt Korte married another Concordia-Seward graduate, Julie Dahm, in 1991.  The Kortes have three children:  Taylor, 15; Emma, 12; and Grant, 10. 

Congratulations to Mr. Matt Korte for being awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award!