State Science Fair Results

Five middle school students represented Lincoln Lutheran at the State Science Fair Friday at Nebraska Wesleyan. Josh Wendland, Rachel Wheeler, Sarah Gahan, Ben Stirtz, and Caleb Ziems were selected to represent the Southeast Region at the Regional Fair in March. They presented their indpendent research to numerous judges. The competition inluded the top twenty-five projects of the state.

From these 25 projects, ten projects are selected as exemplary. Rachel Wheeler's project "The Nose Knows" and Caleb Ziems's project "Effect of Boiling on the Iron Content of Spinach" were selected as exemplary projects. Student projects were recognized by the Nebraska Junior Academy of Science. Certificate and medallions were distributed by Miss Nebraska Nicky Haverland.

Rachel's research concluded that the olfactory system plays an imporant role in identifying flavor. She tested subjects with and without a nose-plug to determine if they could identify Skittle flavors correctly. Caleb tested how preparations methods of spinach effected its iron content. He found that boiling spinach did reduce the iron amount. He found that there was a greater change in iron content between 1-5 minutes of boiling compared to 5-10 minutes of boiling.

Congratulations to all students who partipated. A special note of congratulations to Caleb and Rachel being selected as 2 of 10 exemplary project in the state!  Thank you to all those who have been involved in the science fair process and have encouraged students through the process.

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