Football Servant Event & Retreat

The Warrior high school football team traveled to Camp Luther near Schuyler, Nebraska for its annual servant event & team retreat.  The team arrived Saturday afternoon and from 1:30-4:30 the young men and coaches completed servant work for the camp.  The day was quite warm (no, it was downright HOT) and the work was very physically demanding: 

  • digging out and removing junk from an overgrown-bumble-bee-infested ravine (ie.  old refrigerator, water heater, doors, concrete slabs, etc)
  • throwing 1000’s of pounds of biting-ant-riddled shingles into a giant dumpster
  • removing and transporting water crafts from the camp pond
  • moving and stacking large sheets of tin roofing
  • transporting bed cushions from one cabin to another

Following the servant work, the boys managed to find enough energy to enjoy some recreational fun with each other -- ie.  swimming, canoeing, basketball, horseshoes.  Later Saturday evening, lots of food was consumed at the team cookout -- food prepared by Coaches Leech, Pracheil, and Wieting.  The evening culminated with the traditional team bonfire activity.

Sunday morning the young men were led on an invigorating “wake-up” jog directed by this year’s seniors.  Everyone was fed in both body and spirit as the Camp Luther staff prepared a nice pancake breakfast and then Coach Wieting shared a meaningful Scriptural message.  Fatigued but fulfilled, the team arrived back in Lincoln early Sunday afternoon.

This was the 12th consecutive year that the Warrior H.S. football players have made this trip to Camp Luther.  The people at Camp Luther absolutely love and appreciate our young men; they eagerly look forward to our coming each year.  Camp Director Hank Rausch said:

The work those boys did in 3 hours would have taken us several weeks to complete… we are extremely grateful that your team comes here every fall.

Camp Memories…

  • Coach Leech wearing his full “cowboy ensemble” of cowboy hat, blue jeans, boots (no spurs, though).  After working for a couple of hours in the ravine, not a dry stitch of cloth could be seen anywhere on his body!
  • Connor DeBusk’s “bumblebee encounter” -- he managed to get stung in a discrete body location…let’s just say he was uncomfortable sitting for a while.
  • Capsized and water-laden canoes
  • Peter Staab eating something like 6 hotdogs at the cookout.
  • Riley Smith’s “ravine treasures” which he wanted to bring back to Lincoln as souvenirs.
  • Player “overcome stories” and “bucket list” sharing.
  • “Senior sentiments” shared during the Saturday evening bonfire.


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