Football Fields Cut!

8/3 & 8/6

     It took a grant total of 6 ½ hours to complete, but the four fields east of the school are now measured, marked, and cut.

     MANY thanks to Mark & Jon Moerer, Kurt Scholl, Mike Schulz, and Jacob & Josh Wendland who invested 2 ½ hours Wednesday evening.  A glutton for punishment, Mike Schulz returned to finish the job Saturday 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Other full-duration servant helpers Saturday were Chad DeBusk and Neil & Scott Wineman.  Caleb, Rebecca, and Rachel Ziems also helped for a while.

     The fields look great…the lines are straight!!!  When you see these people, please compliment and thank them for their efforts!


BONUS COMMENT:  The Saturday work crew would like to specifically thank Mr. Neil Wineman for some much appreciated comedy relief.  When throwing a spike into the ground, Neil accidentally punctured a pressurized can of white field paint -- the paint sprayed Neil in the face.  We are thankful no physical harm was done, but Neil did look a bit like Frosty the Snowman afterward.  Very good-humored about the mishap, Neil granted permission to this writer to mention the incident in this article.      


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