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Keeping it Clean

Last week I had the joy and privilege of getting my hands dirty.

A drain pipe clogged in our house and as usual I tried to make a run at getting the pipe freed up myself. It didn’t take long to realize this was a challenge I hadn’t seen before in our home.

Over the nearly eight years we’ve lived in the house, I have had to use my primitive resources on a number of occasions to flush out a drain not running as fast as it should. Like most of us, I don’t like to call in a plumber. This is generally because I like to do things myself. I also would rather not spend the money to bring in the “expert.”

While I was nearly elbow-deep in black water, I began thinking about a person’s spiritual health. If you compare our faith to those drain pipes, we can get pretty clogged up with the junk in our lives. The joy God intends for us just doesn’t flow freely like it should. We go through periods where we work diligently on our own to clean out the pipes so we can feel healthier. In reality, when we try to do it ourselves, we are just putting off the inevitable.

The only way to really be cleansed, to be washed clean, is through the redeeming sacrifice of Christ. I can set all the goals I want. I can work really hard at it. But in the end, my spiritual pipes will only run clean through the work of Christ.

So I called the plumber. Nearly $500 later, including a new cleanout on one of my pipes, our drain lines are flowing freely. Even though it cost me in the bank account and the ego, I am so glad to have some peace of mind.

May God surround us with His Spirit as we begin a new school year! Christ alone can wash away our filth, if but only we ask. Submit to Him. Let Christ be your strength as you walk each day with Him!

Scott Ernstmeyer Ed.S
Executive Director LLSA & LEF

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