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2018-19 Preliminary Budget

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A Scandalous Christmas

The chapel on December 6th was lead by Mrs. Olp. She retold the Christmas story but she didn't focus on the glitz and the glam but more on the truth of Jesus and his family.  Jesus was born from a typical teenage girl.  Jesus wasn't born from a rich family or born in a palace.  He was born in a small, unknown town in a smelly barn.  Many think of Jesus as a majestic king but he was also a very humble servant. 

We can relate a lot to this wonderful story.  We too are a lot like Mary.  God uses us a tools to help others, even if we don't we're cut out or fit for the job, God knows we're perfect for it and always has a plan for us.  Many times during the holiday season we find ourselves wanting more.  We need to remember that God brought us a gift, Jesus giving us everlasting salvation and unconditional love.  That is truly the best gift of all.