Hein Receives Spirit Award

On Febrauary 9, senior Meredith Hein received the Carmel Sheppard Spirit Award at the Husker women's basketball game. Along with six other recipients of various GWSF (Girls & Women in Sports & Fitness) awards, Meredith and her guests visited the Coaches Corner for a special reception. Her award was presented and she gave a brief acceptance speech before cheering on the Husker women against Baylor. Along with a plaque and the reception, Meredith's award was announced at the Lincoln Lutheran game on February 10 and a detailed article about her was published in Star City Sports.

The Carmel Sheppard Spirit Award is presented to a recipient who overcomes personal adversity and maintains a positive attitude. Meredith was honored for her leadership, her willingness to learn and volunteer, and her determination to always do her best. The article acknowledged her athletic skill despite "what many of us would feel was a disadvantage."  Her plan for the future is to help others while attending Concordia Nebraska, where she will major in health and human services and play on the soccer team.

Congratulations Meredith!

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