Warriors Family Call to Action Advances

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NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring [read more]

A Tune For Your Sweetheart

Once again the high school choir sold Singing Valentines for the holiday of love. This is the third year the choir has gone around town singing for loved ones, but this year lead by Mr. Scott Morris.

The choir prepared a collection of four songs to perform. The singing valentine started off with two verses of Love Me Tender followed by clips of You Are My Sunshine, You Light Up My LIfe and ended with Let me Call You Sweetheart. The choir harmonized beautifully and sang with a smile. 

The choir split up into three groups of approximately 20 students. The groups went all throughout Lincoln to sing and one group even traveled to Seward for the day. To say the least, the recipients of the singing valentines were both embarrassed and delighted to have such a large group interrupt their day. 

The choir enjoyed their time as well as the recipients. To fill empty time slots the Seward group decided to take a trip to a class of Concordia students normally taught by senior Adrienne Langewisch's dad. Another group decided to take time to embarrass Mr. Nathan Basset in the middle of teaching a senior Government class. 

Overall, the singing valentines were a success and certainly a fun. The choir is most-likely to sell them again, so take not to buy one for the love of your life next year!



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