The Lord's Prayer

     On February 15, 2011 Mr. Roeber led chapel. It began with prayer. He reminded us that leading chapel is rewarding but nerve-racking. The began to talk about the topic at hand, the Lord's Prayer. He made the statement that most of us can say the Lord's Prayer "brain dead", we know it so well that it comes from memory not from the heart.

     In the US, we have become so used to having all of our daily needs, we've never really been without or in poverty. Everything has always been available to us. This makes us take for granted what we have. In the Lord's Prayer, it not only asks for our daily needs but is also giving thanks for what God does give us. Mr. Roeber said "the prayer said give us our daily bread, not me." We need to share because we don't really own anything. Everything in our lives belongs to God, he just gifted us with it.

     Mr. Roeber also talked about not worrying about tomorrow because God will provide and will gift us with what we need. The chapel concluded with the Lord's Prayer and a closing prayer. This chapel led us to think about what we have and all that we have to give thanks to God for, not only our possessions but all those in our lives including friends and family.