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Clothing Drive Postponement

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Warrors Got Talent

The preparations for Warriorpalooza are under way. This first year, the talent show will be held on March 5th at 7 PM in the small gym.  It will cost ten dollars per person to attend, or 80 dollars for a table of eight. The proceeds will go toward the music and drama fund, particularly for projects desperately needed for the music and drama departments. The funds earned from this show will help to reduce the cost of productions of future shows put on by the drama department.

The talents of those participating are unique for each person and they have all discovered their talents at different times. Junior Katie Leymaster has been singing since she was a little kid. She has always enjoyed her talent of singing. Sophomore Hannah Dull started playing the violin when she was in second grade. She stopped taking lessons one year ago. Senior Zach Luly started singing karaoke with senior Eli Dull at Legends. Senior Steve Schulz is a self-proclaimed "natural born drummer".

Even though many of these students discovered their talents at a young age, their acts still require much preparation. Katie had to find the song and sheet music, and now she is just practicing and perfecting her song. She is performing the song "Never Alone" by Lady Antebellum. Hannah played at her Church for the sweetheart dinner to get used to playing in front of people. Seniors Zach Luly, Steve Schulz, Zach Moll and Eli Dull have been practicing after school.

All the participants are looking forward to the evening, and hope there is a good turnout. They are also looking forward to having fun and hopes the audience has a great time along with them.