What's Your Label?

Mrs. Janks 8th grade religion class gave a chapel, on January 14, 201, asking us what people label us as and how people judge us.

They started the chapel with the song Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects. If you are not familiar with this song it talks about peoples' secrets that you wouldn't have guessed by just looking at them, that they hide to avoid being labeled/ judged. They showed a skit of what appearances seem to others. For example the person who has many friends and who is fashionable is labeled as cool or popular. At the end of the skit the words "Don't let this define you" were said to each person, reminding us that though we are given labels by our peers, we shouldn't let this become who we are.

The 8th graders used an analogy to a book. You can look at a book and make an assumption of what it will be like but you may have idea unless you look at the prologue or read it. Just like a person, they may be judged but who they really are will not be revealed unless someone takes the time to get to know them. After followed a video with 8th graders saying, "if you really knew me you would know..." Some revealed very personal things that no one would have guessed just by their appearance.

This chapel reminds us that "You can't read a book by it's cover" and that labels don't matter because those who are close to us know who we really are, also that labeling can be hurtful and shouldn't be done. Lastly, God defines our being and we should look to him for strength and guidance.