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Crete/Lincoln Lutheran softball team finishes 5th at State [read more]

Senior Rees Klintworth in D.C.

In late June and early July, senior Rees Klintworth attended a two-week college course in Washington D.C. called the Congressional Academy.  The Congressional Academy included class sessions that looked into America's history through primary documents.  These class sessions analyzed and discussed documents ranging from John Locke's Second Treatise on Government to Malcolm X's Ballot or the Bullet Speech.  Rees also spent time sightseeing at important landmarks, such as the Capitol, the National Archives, and even places in Philadelphia. 

Rees stated that he felt "blessed" to have the opportunity to attend this event.  He said, "Although this course was based purely on history and social sciences, with no religious affiliation, there were many class sessions where I was able to use the knowledge I have gained during my time at Lincoln Lutheran to tie important historical facts and ideals into Biblical teachings.  This was a wonderful medium to witness to the other 111 students, who ranged in faith from Atheism to Mormonism and nearly everything in between."



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