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Summer computer class

Each summer, Lincoln Lutheran offers an intensive two-week Computer Applications course, and each year the course is nearly full. The course is a non-graded, competency based class, where students can advance at their own pace. The class meets from 8:00 am until noon, but because the course is self paced and mostly centered around online activities, some students can work longer either at school or at home if they want extra practice or just want to get ahead of the game.

Why would students want to spend two more weeks at school, even if it's just for a half day? For some students it's the self paced nature of the course, for others, taking the course in the summer frees up time in their 4-year high school plan to take more advanced computer courses or other electives they could not fit in otherwise.

Holly Atterbury, a Junior at Lincoln Lutheran said she was taking the class, "So I can get the computer credit out of the way so that I can do other things; like arts and crafts classes." Holly also recommends anyone thinking of taking the class have good typing skills and know their way around a computer.

Monday, June 13th is the final day of the class, but several students have been putting in extra hours so they can add an extra weekend back into their summer vacation. If you are interested in enrolling your child in next summer's course, look for details in the second half of next school year.

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