Picture Retake Day - 10/18

Picture Retake Day - 10/18 [read more]

Church Team Tourney Results

This year’s church team basketball tournament was once again a great success as 14 teams and almost 120 Lincoln area men participated.  The weekend was filled with brotherly competition (one double over-time game and one buzzer winner), great fellowship, food-n-fun, exhilarating thrills, and even a few spills! 

FINAL FOUR teams in the Classic Division (31 & over) were:  Christ Lutheran, Messiah Lutheran, St John Lutheran Seward, and Trinity Lutheran.  After the dust settled Sunday afternoon, St John emerged as the 2011 champions as they defeated Trinity in a very competitive game.  In the Open Division, FINAL FOUR teams included:  Christ, LL Alumni, Messiah Mix and Trinity-Messiah.  For the third consecutive year, the championship game hosted two traditional foes as Messiah Mix defeated Trinity-Messiah.

  • Classic Division Champions -- St John Lutheran SewardMike Mettenbrink (Captain), Don Bosek, Larry Goldsmith, Brady Johnson, Tim Janousek, Greg Miller, and Jamie Opfer
  • Classic Division Runner-up -- Trinity:  Randy Wilcox (Co-Captain), Stewart Hakenewerth (Co-Captian), Craig Anderson, Jeff Deboer, Ron Gottula, Dean Heiden, Kevin Orth, John Puelz, Eliot Rea, Vincent Rea, David Ringler, Rick Schwartz, Pastor Matthew Tooman.
  • Open Division Runner-up – LL Coaches:  Mike Holle (Captain), Adam Flanagan, Kraig Flanagan, Seth Flanagan, Lee Fiddler, Jason Glines,  Joel Weyand, Dan Wiemer, and Kyle Wooster
  • Open Division Runner-up – Trinity-Messiah:  Adam Troester (Captain), Tim Culwell, Reece Schwartz, Dirk Schwartz, Ben Troester, Dan Ziegler, John Ziegler, and Kyle Ziegler

Others teams in the tournament…


  • Christ -- Mark Fahelson (Captain), Curtis Klein, Jeff Frohberg, Shawn Goodrich, Scott Hamilton, Tom Holland, Rich Olson, Dave Swan, Jeramie Swanson, Shawn Wilcox, Lincoln Williams
  • Faith -- Pat Hardesty (Captain), Pastor Brad Beckman, Kent Eitzmann, Shane Larson, Matt Miller, Jeff Peterson, Cal Piepho, Gary Pohlmeier, Tom Schulte, Doug Sindelar
  • Holy Savior-Redeemer -- David Michaelson (Co-Captain), Chris Oerman (Co-Captain), John Conrad, Mark Hawkins, Troy Healy, Dustin Hoffman, Ryan Koch, Travis Lebo, Larry Pohlmann, Keith Seilhans.
  • Messiah -- Erik Borgmeyer (Captain), Chadd Bliss, Marty Haneszewski, Harlan Harnish, Trevin Knapp, Jim Mahoney, Ryan Means, Paul Oneth, Frank Pacenka.


  • Christ -- Joel Rodencal (Captain), Connor Dwinell, Bryce Kleen, Keaton Klein, Connor Long, Matthew Paulson, Jeff Sheets.
  • Faith -- Matt Himmelberg (Captain), David Bliemeister, Brett Himmelberg, Jared Himmelberg, Matt Justus, Jim Lance, Joel Stoltenow.
  • Good Shepherd -- Joe Reinke (Captain), Joe Bokelman, Brendan Bonner, Matt Duchek, Adam Olson, Erik Poulsen, Bob Roeder, Cory Rohren.
  • Holy Savior Mix -- Eric Beckman, Kevin Bowland, Connor DeBusk, Nick Dudycha, Eli Dull, Derek Groskurth, Jayson Haessler, Nick Hruza, Malcolm Massey, Logan Wachal
  • Lincoln Lutheran Mix -- Wade Houchin (Captain), Matt Bliemeister, Blake Houchin, Todd Earl, Kole Ficken, Casey Makey, Bryant Schweers.
  • Lincoln Lutheran Alumni / Concordia -- Alex Deeter (Captain), Nicholas Deeter, Aaron Hannemann, Aaron Hedlund, Sam Heubner, Tyler Metschke, Micah Pomerenke, Derek Schulte, Nate Sindt.

There are SO MANY people who volunteer time and talents to make this tournament successful.  Tournament director Lyle Ziems would like to thank all the players for their support of Lincoln Lutheran through participation in this tournament AND for their outstanding witness of Christ in their play.  Lyle would also like to thank MANY others for their special contributions to the tournament...

Volunteer Officials -- Brad Beckman, David Bliemeister, Tom Bliemeister, Scott Ernstmeyer, Lee Fiddler, Matt Heibel, Joel Stoltenow.   Scorers Table Coordinators – Brad Pracheil & Sean Wieting.  Jersey Organizers – Steve Garbe & FamilySloppy Joe Dinner – Cliff Kriezel. Saturday Lunch Dessert -- Sharon Bliemeister & Sheila Ziems.  Scorers Table Student Volunteeers:  Eric Beckman, Bailey Bliss, Ashley Dudycha, Meredith Hein, Trenton Hohbein, Tyler Knapp, Nick Koszewski, Emily Metschke, Makenzie Oneth, Andrew Polk, Josh Powell, Rachel Royuk, Luke Scholl, Sam Schulz, Riley Smith, Micah Wiegert, Caleb Ziems, Rachel Ziems, Rebecca ZiemsFood Coordinator & Miscellaneous Management – Sheila Ziems

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