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Warning! Curious Creature Sighting!

Every Tuesday and Thursday night around nine p.m., a herd of curious animals can be seen exiting the Lincoln Lutheran small gym and invading the east parking lot.  Quite the rowdy bunch, they can be heard long before they’re sighted, screaming with laughter and singing at the tops of their lungs.  Just what are these strange animals and what are they up to around the school so late at night?

Actually, this bunch is a rare and extremely unique family of Musical Folk.  Since two days before school started, they’ve been hard at work preparing for this year’s fall musical, “Once Upon a Mattress”.  This comedy act is a shorter musical and completely opposite from last year’s show, “Guys and Dolls”.  However, the herd (also known as a ‘cast’) assured me that it will be a performance you will not want to miss! 

The musical is a “hilarious parody on the story of the Princess and the Pea,” says Director, Mrs. Olp.  “It follows an over-protective mother, silent father and their dim-witted son on a quest for a suitable princess, where the least likely candidate has the most likely chance at success!”  Director Olp stressed the comedy aspect of this musical and has an extreme amount of confidence in her cast’s ability to keep the audience in stitches during all three shows.  

The herd’s performance dates are set for November 11th and 12th at seven p.m. and November 13th at two p.m.  Tickets go on sale two weeks before the first performance and are available through the school office or any of the cast members.  Each member of the herd invites you to join them for a performance.  They’re all very excited to share their fun with YOU!