HS Girls Basketball Open Gym

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Crete/Lincoln Lutheran softball team finishes ...

Crete/Lincoln Lutheran softball team finishes 5th at State [read more]

Easter Chapel

Mr. Sommerer welcomed the students back after Easter break at chapel on Wednesday, April 11.  This chapel definitely began more differently than most. As everyone had gotten seated, fifteen large beach balls were bounced around among the student body while the song Celebration played. After the beach ball bash concluded the message followed. This celebration that we all participated in was worthwhile and had great meaning. We were celebrating Jesus’ resurrection!

Mr. Sommerer showed us some bible verses telling the story of those who found Jesus had risen. He said that for so many chapels we talk about Jesus’ death and before Easter break speakers lead up to the death of Jesus but after we come back there usually isn’t a chapel about his resurrection.  He showed us the best part of Jesus’ death, his resurrection and salvation, the prime reason we celebrate Easter. Lastly, we sang some moving hymns to Celebrate to reason for the season!