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Speech Team

The Speech team competes all year long, working hard after school to perfect their speeches, poems, or duets. A lot of time is taken to make the speech team a reality. The head coach is Mr. Sedivy. He is committed to the speech team and comes in several times after school to help work with each student individually on nailing their specific speech topic. The speech team consists of 20 students. There are a lot of freshmen that went out for the team and they have done a great job learning how speech works.

The entire speech meet competed at districts on Tuesday, March 13th in York. Senior Elisa Hutchinson was honored with the privilege to compete in the state meet this coming Thursday, March 22nd, in Kearney. Elisa will be preparing a speech called extemporaneous. In this, she will draw a topic and have to prepare a 5-7 min speech, she must find all of her resources before her arrives at the meet. Congrats Elisa! Good Luck at State Speech! Also, congrats to all of the speech team members for your hard work and dedication in using your skills. Thank you to Mr. Sedivy for taking the time to help all of the students work and perfect their speeches.