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The Cast and Crew of "The Dining Room" Performs Well

By Holly E. Atterbury

On the night of Saturday, November 10th, the students involved in Lincoln Lutheran’s drama department performed their second-to-last showing of The Dining Room. Amid the crash of the wind outside and microphones that kept cutting out, the cast and crew delivered a stellar performance.

The small gym was not crowded – but it should have been. I came into the show not truly knowing what to expect. I knew, as the title blatantly suggested, that the play would center around a dining room and the occupants of that dining room. I was also made aware, by several of my friends involved with the production, that the play would involve various time-periods and families. However, I couldn’t imagine how seamlessly the transitions would be enacted. From the Depression Era to modern-times, the actors adopted a number of roles and flourished within them, going above and beyond bringing their characters to life on the stage. In addition, the hair, makeup, and costume crew did a wonderful job within their roles; in transforming teenagers into the elderly, adults, and children they provided critical support to the actors in creating characters. The set and lighting crew also performed a splendid job with the setting, fully crafting the environment for the story to be told.

What was the best part of the play? At first, thoughts spring to mind of the humorous and witty lines and the mannerisms that each individual brought to their characters. Indeed, more often than not the audience was rippling with laughter, chuckles, and grins – even I found it hard to stop smiling. However, I believe that the greatest element of The Dining Room was how it all connected, without even the slightest waver, at the end. To all involved with the production: Bravo, bravo!

The Lincoln Lutheran Drama Department looks forward to a Middle School Play in the Spring, and also the possibility of a Senior Class Play.