Scott Wineman interviewed by NET Nebraska

On Nebraska's NPR station today, a segment by Josh Hartman was presented on what was being done to prevent concussions among high school athletes. The segment featured an interview with Lincoln Lutheran sophomore Scott Wineman. You can find the articles online (the broadcast and in print) at: Preventing Concussions in High School Athletes.

Here's an excerpt to give you an idea...

On October 6, 2009 Scott Wineman was playing in a middle school football game for his Lincoln Lutheran Warriors when he went to make a tackle in the backfield.  That was the last play that day he remembers.

“I remember getting in the backfield and going to make the hit and then I just remember laying on the ground and trying to get up," Wineman said.  "And, I blacked out after that but I stayed in the game.  My grandpa videotaped it. “ 

Hours later at a relative’s house. Wineman began to feel disoriented, prompting a call to the doctor.  During the visit, the doctor determined he had fractured a vertebrae in his neck, a potentially fatal injury if it had broken.  Along with the fractured neck, Wineman also suffered two concussions -- one on the initial hit and another as a result of going back in the game after the hit.

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