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Micah Scholl wins at the Lancaster County Fair

Micah Scholl (who will be a junior this fall at Lincoln Lutheran) recently earned blue and purple ribbons in the 4H hog show at the Lancaster County Fair.  Specifically, Micah's received a purple on his market barrow (neutered male pig), a purple in the carcass contest (3rd overall), a purple in showmanship, and a purple on his "pick a pig" (a pig Micah was able to compete in the fair through a Lancaster County program that gives urban kids the opportunity to show pigs).  Micah plans to compete his market barrow at the upcoming Nebraska State Fair. 

In addition to the success already reflected above, an area hog farmer also asked Micah to show three of his breeding guilts (young female pigs).  Those pigs received 2 purples and a blue.  Not limited exclusively to pigs, Micah is presently preparing to show some calves at the Johnson County Fair.

If any other Lincoln Lutheran students have participated in either a county fair or the upcoming state fair, please feel invited to share the information with the Lincoln Lutheran office.  It's fun to know what varied and interesting activities our students are involved in!  Be sure to include a photo or two!