Bounce into Basketball!

Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  Basketball season has already begun for the middle school students and high school basketball season opened practice on November 18th. There are many goals that the teams are looking forward to reaching this year. With goals come challenges that the teams will have to overcome. There are also many new features that the players and fans are really looking forward to!

The start of a new season means new teams and new goals. Junior Harrison Martin said that the boys varsity team has the goal of “Making it to district finals and beating Lincoln Christian.” The girls varsity also has a similar goal according to Junior Raymi Marquardt “I hope we are as close to state as we were last year and hopefully get a chance to make it to state.” The middle school teams also have some great goals. 8th grader Reid Martin said, “Our goals are to win Roundball and C-Club.” These first few weeks will be crucial for all teams as they work hard preparing for the upcoming season.

There are many great goals and excitement for this season but unavoidable to a new season are also new challenges. Senior Tara Ziegelbein said that she feels the tough schedule will be one of the main challenges that the girls team will face. Harrison agreed about the boys team challenges saying that “Adjusting to new players along with having hard opponents, especially Lincoln Christian.” All these challenges will require hard work to overcome, but these challenges will help the teams grow together.

The school has put forth effort to help benefit the upcoming basketball season. They have added the new gym floor, new uniforms, and new teams with different players and fans. Raymi said, “I’m looking forward to getting to play on the new floor along with the new uniforms.” According to Harrison the boys team are also looking forward to new jerseys and the brand new floor. Senior front line leaders Jon Hundt and Will Hutchison are “Really excited to be a rocking student section. We can’t wait to yell and be a big distraction to the opposing players.” There are many new tools the basketball teams have this year and they are really excited to use them to their fullest potential.

As basketball season starts many players and fans are very excited to have a fresh start and new season. There are many hard but reachable goals that all the teams have, along with many challenges that they will face. The new environment with the new floor, uniforms, and rocking student section has high hopes to help benefit the basketball teams. Now we need the support of the fans to get out there and cheer on their teams to watch them show off all the hard work they will be putting in these next couple of weeks!

by Maria Deeter