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Spanish classes visit Argentina ... with Skype

Lincoln Lutheran’s Spanish 1 and 2 classes visited Cordoba, Argentina the last week of November, using the technology of Skype.  Señorita Kelly had the privilege of introducing to her class her cousin, Sylas Bailey, a UNL student currently studying Spanish in Argentina.

Each class heard Mr. Bailey present about his past five months of language and cultural immersion.  With the blessing of this technology, Mr. Bailey brought the class into his home which belongs to a host, Argentine family. Lincoln Lutheran students witnessed how to prepare a popular Argentine tea "el mate" (pronounced mah-tay).  A few classes even spoke in Spanish with his host-siblings! 

Students asked Mr. Bailey a lot of questions about his experiences living abroad and using Spanish.  He told them about how easy it is to travel by bus in South America, discussed the delicious pastries he buys cheaply from panaderías (bakeries), and described the Argentine accent.  Mr. Bailey had a lot of advice for students, telling them to stick with Spanish, even if it’s hard now.  He added, “Sometimes Spanish class is boring…but you have to solidify the basics of the language in a classroom, so that you can travel and talk to people in the places you visit. Traveling and studying abroad are the best ways to learn a language.”

In the future, Señorita Kelly plans to take her classes on actual trips abroad, so that her students can truly use their language skills and experience culture in a more personal context. For now, the blessings of technology will suffice for Lincoln Lutheran Spanish speakers! 

Pictured below: Sylas Bailey, guest skyper, at the famous waterfalls of Iguazú, Argetina.

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