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11th Grade English Welcomes Fellow Warrior Visitor

As the students in Miss Carr's 11th grade English class prepare to create commercials for products they invented, they seek the advice of a professional.  Lyn Wineman, Cheif Strategist of KidGlov, visited the 1st Block classroom Wednesday morning to discuss strategies for marketing and advertising a product or brand. Below is a short video clip of her presentation. 

Whether providing a short history lesson on the origin of the term "branding" (branding cattle for distinction), offering advice on how best to analyze advertisements and commercials (alongside relevant examples), or explaining the meaning behind KidGlov (Kid gloves are gentle and friendly, much like their approach to customers), Lyn presented an array of knowledge to further inspire student thought and creation.  

What an awesome and unique opportunity within our blessed L.L. community. Thanks, Lyn!

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