7th Grade visit to Trinity

During the dates of February 26th-28th the 7th grade students at Lincoln Lutheran walked next door to Trinity Lutheran School. Trinity graciously welcomed our students into their 2nd-5th grade classrooms in order to share the results of a recent English project. The 7th graders had worked for two weeks on creating a children’s book in small groups. Inspiration was drawn from a favorite Biblical account and re-told in a more modern setting. For example, the account of David and Goliath was retold through the eyes of an underdog basketball team training all summer to return and defeat an over-confident championship team. Students worked in small groups to create their own original story lines, homemade illustrations, and verbal presentations. Following each presentation at Trinity students responded to questions and comments from the elementary students, sharing Christ’s inspiration for their story and the message they hoped to spread. It was incredible, as an instructor to be witness to this event, but also see students witness next to each of their peers. Excitement and knowledge was shared from both sets of students! Thanks again Trinity Lutheran faculty and students for joining in the fun! The picture attached is a sneak peak at the covers of the some of the students' books. 

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