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Eighth Grade Poetry Reading Night

Thursday evening, Lincoln Lutheran's 8th grade English classes hosted a Poetry Recitation Night for family and friends at a local coffee shop. 8th grade writers gathered together with excitement to read their original poetry and celebrate their work during National Poetry Month.

Mrs. Nicholas' English students took National Poetry Month seriously this April. They drafted poetry, read poems daily, and revised their work in order to grow in crafting figurative language and theme. They succeeded immensely in composing interesting verses, which inspired their teacher, Mrs. Nicholas, to gather their poems together and print an Anthology called Lincoln Masquerade: Poetry from the 8th Grade

In this unit, Mrs. Nicholas gave students the task to 'unmask' the normal things of everyday life with their poetry.  Each student participated in writing the Anthology, and around 20 students attended the Anthology release party and recitation night, this past Thursday at NuVibe Juice & Java!

The crowd enjoyed smoothies and coffee in the outdoor patio, while flipping through their copies of the Anthology. Mrs. Nicholas welcomed parents and opened with a prayer before reading her own poetry. Students then recited poems of their choosing. 

"These students did such a great job. I am so proud of them," Mrs. Nicholas reflected on the experience. "It is so important for teachers to write along side their students to remind them of the gift God has given us in language. I was so happy that Mrs. Olp, Miss Carr, and my husband, a long term substitute at Lincoln Lutheran, showed up and read their own poetry!"

The poems of the evening ranged from topics of nature, like trees, birds, and nature, to emotions, like courage and anxiety. Many wrote about the difficulties of growing up. Mrs. Olp read her poem recounting the 8th Grade Class trip to Kansas City that left the whole group laughing! Several students read their work out the Lincoln Masquerade Anthology, but others were inspired to write new poems to bring to the "stage." Overall, these middle schoolers showed their immense writing skills and confidence during this celebration of poetry! 


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