Spring Cleaning at the Lighthouse

Have you noticed the several light bulb sculptures around town? They are in recognition of the Lighthouse’s outstanding work, helping Lincoln’s youth with graduation and vital life skills training. For 26 years the Lighthouse has been a beacon of hope for high school students. For three hours on Saturday, the Lincoln Lutheran Community Outreach Team shared in that mission with some "spring cleaning" for the after-school organization.

Senior Paige Steinbauer began the day with a meditation on how Moses learned from God how to accept help from those who wanted to help him. As such, Lighthouse, which needs help every month to keep its property tidy, received help from the COT members.

In small groups, the community outreach team vacuumed floors and sofa seats, folded clothes and scrubbed floors, organized camping gear and sports equipment; ultimately, the goal was to serve the Lighthouse staff, which daily serves the youth of Lincoln. It was a beautiful day to open doors and give a thorough cleaning of the high-traffic facility.

“Going to Lighthouse really showed me that there are people that come from all different walks of life that are working toward goals just like me,” said junior Abigail Lofgren. “Seeing all of this made me realize that sometimes I take my education resources for granted. It felt good to help other teens, just like me.”

“I enjoyed serving at the Lighthouse because I know that there are so many different students that benefit from this facility,” said teacher Lindsey Morris, who served with her husband David and daughter Nora. “When something is nice and well cared for, you make sure that you also take care of it. Every kid deserves a place like this to do things that will help them in school and their future.”

In addition to the service of cleaning and organizing, the COT donated $100 to the scholarship program, which helps Lincoln graduates pursue post-secondary goals at college. This event marks the 11th event this year, with nine more outings planned in the 2015-2016 school year. For more information on how you might connect with an outreach event, please contact Joel Stoltenow at 

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