Middle School Play - "I Wish: A Fairy's Fairy Tale"

Lincoln Lutheran Junior High School presents "I Wish: A Fairy's Fairy Tale" on Saturday, April 9 at 7pm and Sunday, April 10 at 2pm at Lincoln Lutheran. Tickets are $6 and may be purchased starting Monday, April 4 from the school office. For questions, call the school office at 402-467-5404.

There are two sides to every story! In "I Wish: A Fairy's Fairy Tale," we discover the untold story of Carol, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. It wasn't just a quick flick of the wand. The night of the ball included baking brownies, dealing with a dragon who was dealing with allergies, babysitting two too-smart-for-their-own-good children, and a whole host of unplanned visitors. And Carol? She's just trying to keep her perfect wish-granting record before her performance review the next morning!

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