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2018-19 Preliminary Budget

2018-19 Preliminary Budget [read more]

Students Make Cards for Veterans

This past week, several students took time in Access/AP class to recognize and thank Veterans for their service. "Taking time to make a card helps you appreciate Veterans more and all that they've sacrificed," said 9th grader Hannah Ernst. And, senior Lydia Asplin ended up making 12 cards because she was "on a roll" and "taking a break from homework," according to her. 

Cards were distributed to the local American Legion, VFW, Veteran Affairs, and the NE Wounded Warrior Project. Those were obvious selections; however, Mr. Stoltenow took some to local restaurants, while seniors Elijah Frost and Tom Tewes delivered others to local nursing homes.

God has called us to be His children first and foremost. But, pausing to recognize and thank those who have answered the call of service to country is a great way to end the week.

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