2017 Men of Faith Basketball Tournament Results

21st Annual Lincoln Lutheran Men of Faith Basketball Tournament


Tournament Summary

The Lincoln Lutheran Men of Faith basketball tournament was once again a tremendous success.  Ten teams and seventy-five players participated in this year’s tournament.  The Christian fraternity was positive and the action was once again very exciting!

Unlike in past years, this edition of the tournament boasted just one division.  The ten teams were split into two 5-team pools.  Each team played 4 round robin games and the top team from each pool played in a championship game at the end of the day.  The first games tipped off at 6:45 a.m. and the last at 7:15 p.m.  In total, 21 games were played in the single day tournament!

Captains for this year’s teams included:  Aaron Hedlund, Adam Flanagan, Austin Oerman, Chris Schaedel, Derek Schulte, Eric Beckman, Joel Rodencal & Steve Wells, Kolby Johnson, Lee Fiddler, & Lucas McGrue.  Team McGrue and Team Beckman played in the championship game with Team McGrue winning the bragging rights!

CHAMPIONTeam McGrue -- Brett Sapp, Derek Rempe, Ethan Brozak, Kedrick Ford, Kenneth Braziel Jr., Lucas McGrue , Ryan Butzke, Tim Gassell

RUNNER-UPTeam Beckman*Eric Beckman, Jalen Barry, *Nick Dudycha, Seth Onderstal, Spencer Gillen, *Zach Justus, *Zach Luly


The rest of the teams…

TEAM FIDDLER – *Jason Glines (LL Head Boys BB Coach), Joel Weyand, John Ernst, John Mierau, John Riley, *Josh Wendland, *Kyle Wooster, *Lee Fiddler, *Mike Holle, Ryan Lebow

TEAM FLANAGAN – *Adam Flanagan, Craig Farmer, Dylan Flinn, John Johnson, John Laverson, Kraig Flanagan, Seth Flanagan

TEAM HEDLUND – *Aaron Hedlund, Austin Fischter, Corban Williams, Ian Euler, Jared Hyland, Richard Daniels, Ryan Shrum

TEAM JOHNSON (100% Alumni Roster) – *Andrew Malan, *Cody Claridge, *Curtis Anderson, *Ethan Bruggeman, *Garrett Malan, *Kolby Johnson

TEAM OERMAN – *Austin Oerman, Cole Talbert, *Harrison Martin, Jacob Miller, Keegan Agena, *Max McCoy, Michael Young, Tate Gillen

TEAM RODENCAL & WELLS Ben Manley, Brent Daugherty, Brody Ockander, J. Tucker, Jared Roberts, Jay M, Joel Rodencal, Matt Manley, Michael Kander, Steve Wells, Will Hayes

TEAM SCHAEDEL Andrew Guinney, *Brett Shamblin, *Chris Schaedel, *Greg Nelson (LL Head FB Coach), Ryan Stanz, Sean Carney, Tyler DeBoer

* = Lincoln Lutheran Alumni, Present Coach, Former Coach


THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE DESERVING OF THANK YOU’S…There are SO MANY people who volunteer time and talents to make this tournament successful.  Tournament director Lyle Ziems would like to sincerely thank all the players for their participation in this tournament AND for overall witness of Christ in their play.  Lyle would also like to thank MANY others for their special contributions to the tournament: 

Volunteer Officials – Paul Yates & Harold Kirchoff

Scorer’s Table Coordinator – Noah Frost

Yummy Pulled Pork Meal – Sheila Ziems & Sylvia Stoltenow

Miscellaneous -- A.D. Joel Brase

Scorer’s Table Student Volunteeers:  Carol Nabity, Cole Schaedel, Dylan Lilienthal, Elijah Frost, Elisha Meyer, Ellie L’Heureux, Evan Olander, Haleigh Fitzsimmons, Henry Schmidt, Jacob Glines, James Lavicky, Joe Admiraal, Joel Stennett, Noah Frost, Renee Fitzsimmons (Mom), Sam Rathe, & Shelby Miller

NOTE:  Shelby Miller & Noah Frost worked the ENTIRE DAY!  WOW!

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