Picture Retake Day - 10/18

Picture Retake Day - 10/18 [read more]

8th Grade Students Practice Leadership.

On the first day of class, the 8th grade science students reviewed what it means to be a leader in the Lincoln Lutheran Middle School.  They looked at the example Jesus gave us in John chapter 13. Jesus, stoops down to the level of a servant to wash the feet of his disciples.  Leaders put others first and look out for others.  These 8th grade leaders are about serving others and not themselves.  They also discussed how we bless others by allowing someone else to serve you.  Mr. Rickords said "This is a great group of 8th grade students.  I am excited to see how they lead our Middle School" We are too Mr. Rickords. Way to go 8th Graders!!!

8th grade students washing each others feet to show true leadership.

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