Help Wanted! Marching Band Equipment

The Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band is looking for two items for this fall.  We are wondering what or who might be out there with equipment or skills so that we are wise with our resources.  The two items are listed below.  Specifications and questions on these items can be discussed with Mr. Morris.  If you have any ideas or contact information to share, please contact Mr. Morris  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Blessings to you this fall. 

Item #1: ENCLOSED TRAILER- We would use this to haul percussion and sideline equipment to our home games, and marching band competition. 

Item #2: AMP & KEYBOARD CART- Here is a picture.  We want to buy or make something like this, but the list price for this type of thing is over $2,000. It does not need to be this fancy with all of the doors etc., but we are looking for a similar shape and function.