Painting for Good

The Community Outreach Team recently spent a Saturday painting at Nonprofit Hub, whose slogan is: “Here for good.” The Hub is a local organization that serves non-profit agencies in a variety of different capacities. The COT, always looking for new partners to serve, tried to bring a little "paint for good" to the nonprofit's newly renovated office space. Click "view" to read on.

"Volunteers are at the backbone of nonprofits in America,” said Randy Hawthorne, Executive Director of Nonprofit Hub. “From serving in leadership roles on boards to wielding a paintbrush to finish a room, nonprofits couldn't exist without the hard work of volunteers. People willing to give their time are crucial to fulfilling missions including Nonprofit Hub's.”

Saturday marked the 17th COT outing of the year, and that outing continued one of the trends in 2015-2016. That trend is making new connections. Nearly half of the 17 outings were done with new partners in the community, which helped make connections for the future, looking forward to 2016-2017.

“It was great to help Nonprofit Hub because they had a need to be better equipped to serve our local non-profits,” said Joel Stoltenow. “It was also great be more connected to the greater non-profit community in Lincoln. I hope it leads to new organizations to serve next year.”

Funds used to serve community agencies come from two sources. The first is grants. The second is an internal fundraiser, headed up by Mr. Ziems in the “Church League Basketball Tournament.” This year $2,000 will be distributed to local community agencies. If you’d like more information on this outreach effort, please contact Joel Stoltenow (