Activities Calendar - Notify Me

With all the sport activities starting, we wanted to remind you that all sport activities are not included on the school calendar or on the daily bulletin. To see all the sport activities, you will want to follow these steps. 1.) Go to the Lincoln Lutheran Website 2.) Click on Student Life (top of website) 3.) Under Calendars, click on Activities Calendar on the left side of screen. Click "view" for more information.

This is bring you up all of the sport activities that have been scheduled including winter and spring sports. The item we wanted to bring to your attention is "Notify Me!" which is at the top of the screen. "Notify Me!" is something you can set up to receive text messages to your cell phone or email notifications for both event reminders and any schedule changes. This is extremely important due to Nebraska's weather.

To set up "Notify Me!" just follow these steps.

1.) Click on Notify Me!

2.) Next choose the activities you want by checking them on the list, and then click on Continue twice

3.)  Then fill in the options as to when you want to receive a reminder and click on Continue

4.)  The last step is to add your name, email address (if you want email notifications), create a password, and your cell phone number with the mobile provider (If you want to receive text messages).

5.) Click Save Settings and you are finished.

Please call or stop in to the front desk at LL if you have questions.