NO SCHOOL 11/19-11/23

As previously mentioned, due to the need to do some sewer pipe maintenance next week, we will NOT HAVE SCHOOL from Monday 11/19 through Friday 11/23. The office will be open Monday and Tuesday from 10 am-2 pm those days with the office closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please click "view" for the entire email that was sent a couple weeks ago.

Several weeks ago we were made aware the main waste pipe that runs south to north between the main building and 56th Street has sagged in two spots resulting in standing water. This presents a constant risk for the pipe becoming clogged, causing a backup into the building. We've contracted with a local plumber to fix the pipe, but the project will take 3 days to complete, during which we are not able to have water running in the building. In an effort to complete the work before a deep freeze, we have scheduled the work to take place starting Monday, November 19th with the understanding we will be able to resume school on the 26th. This means we currently plan to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off from school - including Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th, which were supposed to be regular school days. Winter sports teams will still practice on campus but no water or restrooms will be available. We will have a couple of portable restrooms brought in for use that week. Athletes will need to bring their own water and come dressed for practice. PLEASE NOTE: If there is a forecast to strongly suggest significant rain or snow early that week, we would reverse course and have school as the project wouldn't be able to move forward under those conditions. We will make that decision as early as possible so you are able to adjust as a family.