Upcoming College Rep Visits

Upcoming College Rep Visits [read more]

Warriors Family Call to Action Advances

LB670 - Call to Action - Bill Advances [read more]

Crete/LL Softball Team Wins Conference

Cardinals Softball Conference Champs [read more]

Off Season Conditioning

Phoenix Training will be having some sessions for the fall sports athletes and for the non-fall season athletes. Some sessions will be with the fall sport athletes but all athletes are welcome. Please email Mr. Joel Brase with any questions. These sessions are as follows:

Monday-3:30-5:00pm (3-30 minute sessions available)

Wednesday-3:30-5:00pm (2-45 minutes sessions available)

Thursday-3:30-4:15pm (1-45 minute session available)

Friday-6:45-7:30am (1-45 minute session available)