A Lincoln Lutheran Face Lift

I liked our old logo…why did we change it?

I have heard this question more than a few times in the last couple of weeks. I recognize that change can be difficult, however I want to let you know that the change to our new Lincoln Lutheran Warrior Logo was part of an overall strategy to benefit the school in our marketing and fundraising efforts. We changed the logo for a number of reasons:

1) To Create a consistent brand image: You may not realize it, but we have been using a number of different logo icons in recent years – the crossed “L”s, the Spartan head and in some cases a cross with a sword. We had some materials that used multiple logos and some that didn’t include any authorized logos. The usage of the new logo consolidates the Lincoln Lutheran brand and provides us with a vehicle to move forward consistently.

2) To make a positive first impression: Our Lincoln Lutheran brand needs to appeal to our external audiences and represent us as a best-in-class option for Christian education. While those of us who have been in the Lincoln Lutheran family are used to the old logos and like the flexibility of using different graphics – that does not provide a strong impression to our external audiences.

3) To continue to reinforce Lincoln Lutheran’s commitment to providing a quality Christian education: As we embark upon additional marketing efforts, the community will begin to see our logo more often and will associate it with a quality Christian education. We worked with a team of marketing experts to carefully craft a logo and tagline that projects this image. The best way to build our image in the community is to project high quality brand with consistency and frequency.

The Lincoln Lutheran Logo and Mascot were developed to specifically represent a high quality Christian education. The new Warrior is suited in the armor of God. When you reference Ephesians 6:10-18 you can see the rationale for the Helmet, Breastplate, Belt, Boots, Shield and Sword. The Warrior looks to the heavens for inspiration and strength before continuing on a mission of a life in service of Christ. The Warrior’s foot is firmly planted on solid rock, representing the foundational training provided by Lincoln Lutheran. Finally, the shield prominently features a cross so there is no mistaking the Christian element of a Lincoln Lutheran education. This shield will also serve as the logo for the Lutheran Education Foundation.

The new school colors of blue and gold have been deepened to offer a more sophisticated look. This updated color scheme further differentiates Lincoln Lutheran from the many other schools in our area that utilize royal blue in their color scheme.

The new tagline “Christ-centered preparation for college and life” defines and communicates the benefits of a Lincoln Lutheran education. Middle and High School is a time of change and preparation. As teens enter adulthood, their values, skills and knowledge are formed into a foundation that will support them throughout life. At Lincoln Lutheran, we provide students with an academically strong education while developing a Christian worldview that prepares them for college and life. Through our distinctively Lutheran educational process, Lincoln Lutheran provides both a spiritual advantage and an academic advantage – both are represented in the new tagline.

Thank you for joining us in support of this important change!

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