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Keeping it Clean

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Last week I had the joy and privilege of getting my hands dirty.

A drain pipe clogged in our house and as usual I tried to make a run at getting the pipe freed up myself. It didn’t take long to realize this was a challenge I hadn’t seen before in our home.

Over the nearly eight years we’ve lived in the house, I have had to use my primitive resources on a number of occasions to flush out a drain not running as fast as it should. Like most of us, I don’t like to call in a plumber. This is generally because I like to do things myself. I also would rather not spend the money to bring in the “expert.”

While I was nearly elbow-deep in black water, I began thinking about a person’s spiritual health. If you compare our faith to those drain pipes, we can get pretty clogged up with the junk in our lives. The joy God intends for us just doesn’t flow freely like it should. We go through periods where we work diligently on our own to clean out the pipes so we can feel healthier. In reality, when we try to do it ourselves, we are just putting off the inevitable.

The only way to really be cleansed, to be washed clean, is through the redeeming sacrifice of Christ. I can set all the goals I want. I can work really hard at it. But in the end, my spiritual pipes will only run clean through the work of Christ.

So I called the plumber. Nearly $500 later, including a new cleanout on one of my pipes, our drain lines are flowing freely. Even though it cost me in the bank account and the ego, I am so glad to have some peace of mind.

May God surround us with His Spirit as we begin a new school year! Christ alone can wash away our filth, if but only we ask. Submit to Him. Let Christ be your strength as you walk each day with Him!

Scott Ernstmeyer Ed.S
Executive Director LLSA & LEF

Football Servant Event & Retreat

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The Warrior high school football team traveled to Camp Luther near Schuyler, Nebraska for its annual servant event & team retreat.  The team arrived Saturday afternoon and from 1:30-4:30 the young men and coaches completed servant work for the camp.  The day was quite warm (no, it was downright HOT) and the work was very physically demanding: 

  • digging out and removing junk from an overgrown-bumble-bee-infested ravine (ie.  old refrigerator, water heater, doors, concrete slabs, etc)
  • throwing 1000’s of pounds of biting-ant-riddled shingles into a giant dumpster
  • removing and transporting water crafts from the camp pond
  • moving and stacking large sheets of tin roofing
  • transporting bed cushions from one cabin to another

Following the servant work, the boys managed to find enough energy to enjoy some recreational fun with each other -- ie.  swimming, canoeing, basketball, horseshoes.  Later Saturday evening, lots of food was consumed at the team cookout -- food prepared by Coaches Leech, Pracheil, and Wieting.  The evening culminated with the traditional team bonfire activity.

Sunday morning the young men were led on an invigorating “wake-up” jog directed by this year’s seniors.  Everyone was fed in both body and spirit as the Camp Luther staff prepared a nice pancake breakfast and then Coach Wieting shared a meaningful Scriptural message.  Fatigued but fulfilled, the team arrived back in Lincoln early Sunday afternoon.

This was the 12th consecutive year that the Warrior H.S. football players have made this trip to Camp Luther.  The people at Camp Luther absolutely love and appreciate our young men; they eagerly look forward to our coming each year.  Camp Director Hank Rausch said:

The work those boys did in 3 hours would have taken us several weeks to complete… we are extremely grateful that your team comes here every fall.

Camp Memories…

  • Coach Leech wearing his full “cowboy ensemble” of cowboy hat, blue jeans, boots (no spurs, though).  After working for a couple of hours in the ravine, not a dry stitch of cloth could be seen anywhere on his body!
  • Connor DeBusk’s “bumblebee encounter” -- he managed to get stung in a discrete body location…let’s just say he was uncomfortable sitting for a while.
  • Capsized and water-laden canoes
  • Peter Staab eating something like 6 hotdogs at the cookout.
  • Riley Smith’s “ravine treasures” which he wanted to bring back to Lincoln as souvenirs.
  • Player “overcome stories” and “bucket list” sharing.
  • “Senior sentiments” shared during the Saturday evening bonfire.


Senior Rees Klintworth in D.C.

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In late June and early July, senior Rees Klintworth attended a two-week college course in Washington D.C. called the Congressional Academy.  The Congressional Academy included class sessions that looked into America's history through primary documents.  These class sessions analyzed and discussed documents ranging from John Locke's Second Treatise on Government to Malcolm X's Ballot or the Bullet Speech.  Rees also spent time sightseeing at important landmarks, such as the Capitol, the National Archives, and even places in Philadelphia. 

Rees stated that he felt "blessed" to have the opportunity to attend this event.  He said, "Although this course was based purely on history and social sciences, with no religious affiliation, there were many class sessions where I was able to use the knowledge I have gained during my time at Lincoln Lutheran to tie important historical facts and ideals into Biblical teachings.  This was a wonderful medium to witness to the other 111 students, who ranged in faith from Atheism to Mormonism and nearly everything in between."



Fore For Youth

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The day may have been dreary, but spirits were high for the 16th Annual “Fore For Youth” golf tournament. Over 80 golfers participated in this yearly fundraiser for Lincoln Lutheran. In addition to the traditional 18 hole tournament, this year we added a 9 hole tournament at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course.

Golfers were greeted by over 20 volunteers and treated to a BBQ lunch sponsored by Ideal Grocery. With over 30 businesses supporting this event, almost every golfer was able to walk away from the tournament with a flag prize or item from the drawing.

This year’s event raised over $15,000 to help bridge the gap between income and expense at Lincoln Lutheran. Every dollar raised helps keep the cost of tuition down and allows our ministry of educating young adults to be faithful servant of Christ.

This years winners are:

  • First Flight, shooting a 58: Tom Schulte, Chris Gahan, Tom Hertzel, and Monte Wooster
  • Second Flight shooting a 66: Micah Chaffee, Jason Lorenzen, Matt Chaffee, and Ethan Walz
  • Winners of the Executive Course:John Radway, Joe Bolubasz, Mike Lamberty, and Mike Linberg

Mark your calendar for next year’s tournament at Wilderness Ridge on June 11th, 2012.
Hope to see you there.

Summer computer class

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Each summer, Lincoln Lutheran offers an intensive two-week Computer Applications course, and each year the course is nearly full. The course is a non-graded, competency based class, where students can advance at their own pace. The class meets from 8:00 am until noon, but because the course is self paced and mostly centered around online activities, some students can work longer either at school or at home if they want extra practice or just want to get ahead of the game.

Why would students want to spend two more weeks at school, even if it's just for a half day? For some students it's the self paced nature of the course, for others, taking the course in the summer frees up time in their 4-year high school plan to take more advanced computer courses or other electives they could not fit in otherwise.

Holly Atterbury, a Junior at Lincoln Lutheran said she was taking the class, "So I can get the computer credit out of the way so that I can do other things; like arts and crafts classes." Holly also recommends anyone thinking of taking the class have good typing skills and know their way around a computer.

Monday, June 13th is the final day of the class, but several students have been putting in extra hours so they can add an extra weekend back into their summer vacation. If you are interested in enrolling your child in next summer's course, look for details in the second half of next school year.

State Track Meet Qualifiers

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Since 1994 the Lincoln Lutheran Track Team has sent athletes to State each year! Quite a feat!  Sohomore Kory Kohlhof helped keep that streak alive as he and the girls 4 x 400 m relay qualified for the State Track Meet. Kory qualified in the 200 m dash after an outstanding performance at Districts last week.  

The girls 4 x 400 m relay also qualified, earning a wildcard berth to State.  Just to prove how competitive District B-3 was, 3 of the 4 wildcards came from our District! The girls on the relay are:  Tarynn Rozanek, Claire Dull, Ashley Brozek, and Kassidy Nuttleman.  Senior Adrienne Langewisch ran a great race for Kassidy after her injury at Districts, and will be an alternate again if needed.  Also, freshman Mickaela Oneth will practice with the group and serve as an alternate if necessary. 

Kory runs his prelim race on Friday evening, and hopefully advances to finals on Saturday.  The girls run their relay Saturday afternoon. The State Track Meet is held at Omaha Burke High School - located just sout of Dodge on 120th Street. Hope some of you can make it there to see their performances!

Other District medalists were:  Alex Melius in the shot put with a mark of 51'4", setting another school record, taking 5th place in our District, but just missing automatic qualifiying by 2"! The boys team also had Paul Rasmussen take 6th place in the long jump. At the Conference Meet, Paul broke the school record with a jump of 21'3/4". The boys 4 x 100 m relay team also took 5th place medals at Districts. On the girls side the other District medalists were: Claire Dull took 6th place in the 100 m dash, Kassidy Nuttleman 6th in the 300 m hurdles. The girls 4 x 800 m relay team also brought home 5th place medals and came very close to earning a wildcard bid as well. Relay members were Paige Orth, Karstin Ptascek, Ashley Brozek and Lexi Volk.

Overall, congrats to the track team as a whole for their season, as the girls had 1 Championship trophy and 3 Runner-ups. Also the boys won the NWU Indoor meet to start out their season. The Warriors had 29 personal best perfomances in District competition! Great job tracksters!

Graduation 2011

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Please join us at Lincoln Lutheran in celebrating the class of 2011!  The Commencement Service of Lincoln Lutheran High School will take place on Sunday, May 22 at 2:00pm in the main gym.  There are 43 graduates in the class of 2011.  The class has chosen Proverbs 16:9 as their theme verse:  "In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."

Five Alumni Planning for Military Careers

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Each spring, the Air Force, Naval and Army Detachments march for the UNL Chancellor at the Chancellor's Review at Cook Pavilion on the UNL campus.  The Chancellor is the main speaker and awards are presented to the cadets and midshipmen in the different detachments. 

This year five recent Lincoln Lutheran graduates were a part of this event.  Bobby Brown and Matt Kisker, both of whom graduated in 2008,  represented the Army ROTC.  Mark Lohmeyer, a 2009 graduate, represented the Air Force ROTC.  Chase Lewis, class of 2009, and Alex Klein, class of 2010, represented the Navy ROTC.  All these men are planning a career in the military.

State Science Fair Results

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Five middle school students represented Lincoln Lutheran at the State Science Fair Friday at Nebraska Wesleyan. Josh Wendland, Rachel Wheeler, Sarah Gahan, Ben Stirtz, and Caleb Ziems were selected to represent the Southeast Region at the Regional Fair in March. They presented their indpendent research to numerous judges. The competition inluded the top twenty-five projects of the state.

From these 25 projects, ten projects are selected as exemplary. Rachel Wheeler's project "The Nose Knows" and Caleb Ziems's project "Effect of Boiling on the Iron Content of Spinach" were selected as exemplary projects. Student projects were recognized by the Nebraska Junior Academy of Science. Certificate and medallions were distributed by Miss Nebraska Nicky Haverland.

Rachel's research concluded that the olfactory system plays an imporant role in identifying flavor. She tested subjects with and without a nose-plug to determine if they could identify Skittle flavors correctly. Caleb tested how preparations methods of spinach effected its iron content. He found that boiling spinach did reduce the iron amount. He found that there was a greater change in iron content between 1-5 minutes of boiling compared to 5-10 minutes of boiling.

Congratulations to all students who partipated. A special note of congratulations to Caleb and Rachel being selected as 2 of 10 exemplary project in the state!  Thank you to all those who have been involved in the science fair process and have encouraged students through the process.

Church Team Tourney Results

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This year’s church team basketball tournament was once again a great success as 14 teams and almost 120 Lincoln area men participated.  The weekend was filled with brotherly competition (one double over-time game and one buzzer winner), great fellowship, food-n-fun, exhilarating thrills, and even a few spills! 

FINAL FOUR teams in the Classic Division (31 & over) were:  Christ Lutheran, Messiah Lutheran, St John Lutheran Seward, and Trinity Lutheran.  After the dust settled Sunday afternoon, St John emerged as the 2011 champions as they defeated Trinity in a very competitive game.  In the Open Division, FINAL FOUR teams included:  Christ, LL Alumni, Messiah Mix and Trinity-Messiah.  For the third consecutive year, the championship game hosted two traditional foes as Messiah Mix defeated Trinity-Messiah.

  • Classic Division Champions -- St John Lutheran SewardMike Mettenbrink (Captain), Don Bosek, Larry Goldsmith, Brady Johnson, Tim Janousek, Greg Miller, and Jamie Opfer
  • Classic Division Runner-up -- Trinity:  Randy Wilcox (Co-Captain), Stewart Hakenewerth (Co-Captian), Craig Anderson, Jeff Deboer, Ron Gottula, Dean Heiden, Kevin Orth, John Puelz, Eliot Rea, Vincent Rea, David Ringler, Rick Schwartz, Pastor Matthew Tooman.
  • Open Division Runner-up – LL Coaches:  Mike Holle (Captain), Adam Flanagan, Kraig Flanagan, Seth Flanagan, Lee Fiddler, Jason Glines,  Joel Weyand, Dan Wiemer, and Kyle Wooster
  • Open Division Runner-up – Trinity-Messiah:  Adam Troester (Captain), Tim Culwell, Reece Schwartz, Dirk Schwartz, Ben Troester, Dan Ziegler, John Ziegler, and Kyle Ziegler

Others teams in the tournament…


  • Christ -- Mark Fahelson (Captain), Curtis Klein, Jeff Frohberg, Shawn Goodrich, Scott Hamilton, Tom Holland, Rich Olson, Dave Swan, Jeramie Swanson, Shawn Wilcox, Lincoln Williams
  • Faith -- Pat Hardesty (Captain), Pastor Brad Beckman, Kent Eitzmann, Shane Larson, Matt Miller, Jeff Peterson, Cal Piepho, Gary Pohlmeier, Tom Schulte, Doug Sindelar
  • Holy Savior-Redeemer -- David Michaelson (Co-Captain), Chris Oerman (Co-Captain), John Conrad, Mark Hawkins, Troy Healy, Dustin Hoffman, Ryan Koch, Travis Lebo, Larry Pohlmann, Keith Seilhans.
  • Messiah -- Erik Borgmeyer (Captain), Chadd Bliss, Marty Haneszewski, Harlan Harnish, Trevin Knapp, Jim Mahoney, Ryan Means, Paul Oneth, Frank Pacenka.


  • Christ -- Joel Rodencal (Captain), Connor Dwinell, Bryce Kleen, Keaton Klein, Connor Long, Matthew Paulson, Jeff Sheets.
  • Faith -- Matt Himmelberg (Captain), David Bliemeister, Brett Himmelberg, Jared Himmelberg, Matt Justus, Jim Lance, Joel Stoltenow.
  • Good Shepherd -- Joe Reinke (Captain), Joe Bokelman, Brendan Bonner, Matt Duchek, Adam Olson, Erik Poulsen, Bob Roeder, Cory Rohren.
  • Holy Savior Mix -- Eric Beckman, Kevin Bowland, Connor DeBusk, Nick Dudycha, Eli Dull, Derek Groskurth, Jayson Haessler, Nick Hruza, Malcolm Massey, Logan Wachal
  • Lincoln Lutheran Mix -- Wade Houchin (Captain), Matt Bliemeister, Blake Houchin, Todd Earl, Kole Ficken, Casey Makey, Bryant Schweers.
  • Lincoln Lutheran Alumni / Concordia -- Alex Deeter (Captain), Nicholas Deeter, Aaron Hannemann, Aaron Hedlund, Sam Heubner, Tyler Metschke, Micah Pomerenke, Derek Schulte, Nate Sindt.

There are SO MANY people who volunteer time and talents to make this tournament successful.  Tournament director Lyle Ziems would like to thank all the players for their support of Lincoln Lutheran through participation in this tournament AND for their outstanding witness of Christ in their play.  Lyle would also like to thank MANY others for their special contributions to the tournament...

Volunteer Officials -- Brad Beckman, David Bliemeister, Tom Bliemeister, Scott Ernstmeyer, Lee Fiddler, Matt Heibel, Joel Stoltenow.   Scorers Table Coordinators – Brad Pracheil & Sean Wieting.  Jersey Organizers – Steve Garbe & FamilySloppy Joe Dinner – Cliff Kriezel. Saturday Lunch Dessert -- Sharon Bliemeister & Sheila Ziems.  Scorers Table Student Volunteeers:  Eric Beckman, Bailey Bliss, Ashley Dudycha, Meredith Hein, Trenton Hohbein, Tyler Knapp, Nick Koszewski, Emily Metschke, Makenzie Oneth, Andrew Polk, Josh Powell, Rachel Royuk, Luke Scholl, Sam Schulz, Riley Smith, Micah Wiegert, Caleb Ziems, Rachel Ziems, Rebecca ZiemsFood Coordinator & Miscellaneous Management – Sheila Ziems