High School Jazz Ensemble

Audition Results

There was some issues with people forgetting to say their name at the end of the audition which has caused some delays as I worked to sort out the auditions.

Each section will be responsible for finding times for sectionals.

Jazz Ensemble

Alto Sax

  1. Jessica Polk
  2. Matthew Eames

Tenor Sax

  1. Andrew Malan
  2. Colleen White

Bari Sax

  • Erin Wineman


  • Hannah Bell


  1. (Split Lead)Micah Kisker
  2. (Split Lead)Olivia Oetting
  3. Sara Mach
  4. Kristen Garbe 
  5. Sam Malan


  1. Rachel Royuk
  2. Luke Scholl
  3. Eli Dull
  4. Natalie Griess


  • Sarah Lohmeyer


  • Ariana Wurst


  • Jessica Maier
  • Ben Kunz


Jazz Combo

  • Hannah Bell Alto 1
  • Rachel Menke Alto 2
  • Natalie Griess Piano*
  • Chris Van Nostrand Drumset 
  • Ben Kunz Drumset



Knowledge about Jazz is an important part of music education at this school. The Lincoln Lutheran Jazz Ensemble learns a variety of styles in Jazz including Swing, Latin, Bebop, and many others. The Jazz ensemble received a superior rating at District Music Contest and is always building a reputation for great style and sound. The Jazz ensemble is very active performing at concerts, fundraisers, and other venues. This group has been asked to play for wedding receptions, anniversaries, and business events.  The Lincoln Lutheran Jazz Ensemble is looking forward to its fourth annual Big Band Dance Night and Fundraiser this April 3rd.

Upcoming Jazz Performances


May 19th ***Canceled***


Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Concert feat. Wayne Berguron-  Be ready to have a good time!  Mr. Wilhelm has the tickets!

Due to some financial stress, the NJO was forced to cancel it's last concert.  Please support the arts in Lincoln.


Thursday, May 21st- Final Jazz Ensemble Concert

The final concert will be OUTSIDE!  (weather permiting)  Bring a blanket or a lawn chair to sit on.  The concert will take place in the courtyard on the east side of the school next to the shop.  In case of rain the  concert will be held in the small gym.