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Forensics is a unique extra curricular activity designed to train students in public speaking and drama. The speech season begins in late August and continues through March when the state competition is held in Kearney, Nebraska. Throughout the season, students select their material from monologues or play books, write their own speeches and perform at high school meets in Lincoln and surrounding cities.

Participating in speech at Lincoln Lutheran is a great opportunity for students to excel in public speaking and develop skills that will help them in their college and career pursuits.  While developing these useful skills, many students will find great friends in their teammates and make memories that will last a lifetime.

In the speech season of 2005-2006, 4 students found success at the district competition and qualified for the state tournament. These students were Bobby Brown and Abbie Kuehn in duet acting, Renee Pflughaupt in serious prose and informative speaking and Leah Hollibaugh in informative speaking. Each student placed with high ratings in both rounds.