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New Student Orientation/Open House

See the link below for a PDF version of my presentation from New Student Orientation/Open House.

NLSA Accreditation Report

Each year, as part of our National Lutheran School Accreditation, we are required to submit an annual report.  That report can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

It Really Isn't About the Money

I recently received an email from one of our wonderful Lincoln Lutheran seniors. Their email signature included a quote from Warren Buffett which read, "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." These words, shared by a man who has realized many successes in the eyes of the world, caused me to consider how they apply to our Warrior Community.


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Don Weber Visit Summary

Don Weber, the Nebraska District LCMS Executive Assistant for Education and Youth, visited Lincoln Lutheran on Monday and Tuesday, January 23 and 24.  If you are interested in reading his report, click on the link below.

2012-13 Preliminary Budget

You can access the 2012-13 Preliminary Budget, approved by the Delegates Assembly on January 17, by clicking on the link below.

L.L. Fight Song Lyrics

At the last home football game a parent asked what the lyrics were to the school fight song.  If you'd like to know what the lyrics are, click here or the link below.

2011-12 Principal's Report

Lincoln Lutheran is required to annually publish a report summarizing enrollment information, test data, and school improvement plans to its constituents.  You can access the 2011-12 Principal's Report by clicking here or by clicking on the link below.

Homecoming Week 2011

Each year Lincoln Lutheran students have the privilege of celebrating Homecoming Week with a variety of activities. This year there is also a special emphasis on celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the school’s ministry. Please take some time to review the list of activities below. We hope you can join us for one or all of them.

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Keeping it Clean

Last week I had the joy and privilege of getting my hands dirty.

A drain pipe clogged in our house and as usual I tried to make a run at getting the pipe freed up myself. It didn’t take long to realize this was a challenge I hadn’t seen before in our home.

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Tax Credits and Non-Public School Scholarships

There is currently an effort under way through the introduction of LB 50 to make available state tax credits to individuals or corporations who would chose to make a contribution to eligible Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO). These SGO's would utilize the funds collected to provide scholarships to students attending non-public schools in the State of Nebraska based on income eligibility.