Speech Team

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LL Speech Conference

Lincoln Lutheran's Speech team did an amazing job at Conference last weekend! Nearly all events went to finals. Both LL's Duets went to finals. Spencer Farley and Micah Kisker received 7th place and Ben Kunz and Tanner Bohlender received 1st. Jordan Lewis and Natalie Griess went to finals in Dramatic Interpretation and were awarded 4th and 3rd, respectively. Jenna Karlin took 1st in poetry. The OID team, Tanner Bohlender, Natalie Greiss, Jenna Karlin and Taylor Katt received 3rd. Excellent job! Speech districts are on March 15 at Fillmore Central.  

Conference Speech at Bergan

Executive Summary: 
Conference Speech at Bergan

Speech Team Represents at Back to Back Meets

The Speech team had two meets last weekend and finished strong in both. There were 3 finalists on Friday and on Saturday, with 8 participants, we had all participants get a ribbon for 1-2 rank. On Saturday, the OID group made it to Champion finals and recevied 4th place, and Jenna Karlin made it to Honor finals and received 7th place. Great job!

Speech Team Still Going Strong

The speech meet at Crete last Saturday was an open class meet and the Warriors held their own! Competing against classes A-D, the OID team made up of Jenna Karlin, Taylor Katt, Natalie Griess, and Tanner Bohlender made it to Honors Finals and received 10th place out of 41 teams. The Duet pair, Tanner and Ben Kunz, also received 10th overall after Honors Finals. Elisa Hutchinson made it to Champion Finals and received 6th overall! Other members received ranks 1 and 2. This meet saw improvement in all events. Great job!

Speech Team is Under Way!

With all the excitement of a new season, the Speech team is ready to get under way.  This year, Mrs. Olp is the new head coach along with "savvy co-coach Carson Stokebrand". This years there is an expected 19 students going out and they have already started to prepare for the season. The meets start in January and go untill March with the State meet starting March 24.

If you missed it...

If you missed the speech meeting last Wednesday and still want to be a part of the LL speech team- you can! Stop by and sign up with Mrs. Olp, S4. Tryouts for duets and OIDs are coming up, as is registration, so  let her know ASAP! Thank you.

Rehearsal Just Ended and the Musical is Going to Be Hilarious

It is 9:48pm and 32 students just left the small gym after a great rehearsal. We opened with prayer and dove into Act I. Missing on stage were lots of track kids and a soccer player. By 8:30 all of these athletes had returned, from a full day of school, track meet and soccer in Nebraska City, to practice. And they'll have their homework done by tomorrow, too!  The dedication of all those involved in the musical is paying off and we are certain that this show will be worth every dollar of the seven you spend on the ticket.  If for nothing else, come and see Ben Kunz get Chipmunk revenge on Andrew Malan and Taylor Katt. Or watch Elizabeth Kuhn's IQ drop with every breath she takes.  And you won't want to be the only one who doesn't know what the joke is about the Paris Original dress.  Tickets available now and at the door.




While it doesn't come with a lifetime warranty, the musical promises to make you laugh. Come see Micah Kisker get his belly rubbed.  See the Oetting twins goof off - oh, wait - that's everyday! See Andrew Malan grayed and older - but not wiser.  See Tanner Bohlender be despised by everyone in the show.  Tickets are on sale. Contact kkuhn@lincolnlutheran.org.

State Speech! A Bitter Sweet Ending

For the four consecutive year of going to state, the Lincoln Lutheran speech team has made an impression that has let them have a chance to go to a state-wide meet in Kearney.  The people representing LL are Lyz Kuhn, Jenna Karlin, Taylor Katt, and Natalie Greiss.  They are going to be performing "Organ Recital", which is about a young couple trying to enjoy a dinner while sitting next to some obnoxiously loud, old women.  You can only imagine what happens when the young man tries to propose to his girlfriend (and it doesn't end pretty).

The very sad thing about speech ending is that it means the seniors and Mrs. Kuhn are leaving LL.  The past few years have been so much fun due to the zany, crazy things that go on when Mrs. Kuhn is around.  Some of those things would be the van rides to and from meets, the random games we played in between rounds, and the overall wacky practices that made coming in after school enjoyable.  These times will be missed, but at least team members have stories to tell their kids when they are old.

Warrior Speech Team Sending OID Group to State!

 Your Warrior Speech Team competed at Districts this Saturday in Schuyler.  While the judging was questionable at times and left 2 deserving groups out of State contention, the OID group of Natalie Griesse, Jenna Karlin, Taylor Katt, and Lyz Kuhn were awarded with a trip to State.  Not only did this group place, it bested powerhouse Waverly and took Champion OID!  The OID group of Matthew Eames, Tori Miller and Tyler Nicholas made it to finals and took 4th overall. The Duet Act of Tanner Bohlender and Andrew Malan also placed in finals, missing a shot at State by 2 points. They took 4th.  And, placing for the first time in finals - Jordan Lewis who took 5th.  Several members received their first superior ratings in this meet: Katie Rathje and CW Stoneman. These two, plus Lyz Kuhn and Elisa Hutchinson and the duet act of Victoria Kenow and Hannah Bell, took 4th in their rounds just missing finals placement. Ben Kunz, Sara Mach and Spencer Farley had strong performances, too.