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Centennial Conference All-Conference Academic Awards

2016-2017 Centennial Conference All-Conference Academic Award Winners: 

Admiraal, James

Admiraal, Joseph

Asplin, Lydia

Barnhouse, Alyssa

Barrett, Natalie

Barrett, Taylor

Bartels, Luke

Bassett, Leah

Bergt, Alayna

Bergt, Cayden

Borcherding, Katie

Brazda, Tessa

Dinh, Khai

Donovan, Grant

Ernst, Hannah

Ernstmeyer, Kayla

Farris, Hannah

Fry, Taylor

Gahan, Leah

Garbe, Megan

Cornhusker Girls & Boys State

Congratulations to Tom Otte, James Lavicky and Becca Ziems for being chosen to represent Lincoln Lutheran at the 2017 Cornhusker Boys and Girls State taking place here in Lincoln this summer. The students will get the opportunity to spend a week learning more about our government at the state and national levels, as well as experience different types of civil leadership. 


Executive Summary: 
Mid-Quarter 1st Quarter

Mrs. Tanya Winter

Mrs. Winter is a pretty good teacher.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Business Education

Mrs. Erin Stoll

Mrs. Stoll is a pretty good teacher.

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Main Responsibilities: 

Mr. Matt Kristalyn

Mr. Kristalyn is a pretty good teacher.

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Main Responsibilities: 
English & Journalism

Mrs. Elke Hamann

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Main Responsibilities: 
6th Grade Math & Science

FOR SENIORS ONLY! National Youth Science Camp

The National Youth Science Camp is an all-expenses paid experience!  Here's the scoop...

Senior Ethics Class Presentations

Seniors in Ethics class are currently studying the theology of vocation, and recently, they had some visitors. The goal is for students to hear from different adults about the daily callings of God.  Students have studied at length the doctrine of vocation. One conclusion is that, unlike pre-Reformation thinking, our calling to serve God is not restricted to being a pastor or church worker.

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Harvest of Harmony Parade

Every Fall the city of Grand Island hosts a parade featuring the musical talents of Nebraska's high schools. Over 100 bands from across the state participated in the 75th annual Harvest of Harmony parade.The Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band performed this year by playing the music of Chicago and Bill Chase. Hundreds of people lined the streets of downtown Grand Island to cheer on all the bands. 

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