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Technology Sale

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8th annual Lincoln Lutheran Technology Sale

Lincoln Lutheran will be holding it's semi-annual technology flea-market in the commons on Saturday (May 7th) from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Each year we update about 25 computers. The old computers get put into classrooms and those computers (typically from 5-8 years old) are sold at our technology flea-market. In addition to the computers, we have various other pieces of hardware and software that has been taken out of service in the course of the last 12 months.

Congrats to Easton Cooper and James Admiraal for Scholastic Achievement

Congratulations go out to 6th grader Easton Cooper and 8th grader James Admiraal for their scholastic achievement. Both Easton and James took the American Scholastic Achievement League 100 question test, along with all our 6th and 8th graders. Easton was named the Nebraska State Champion for 6th graders and James was the 8th grade classroom champion! Well Done!!

NAHS Announcement

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Announcement:

With much sorrow, I announce the discontinuation of the Lincoln Lutheran National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Chapter after the 2015-2016 academic year. Click "view" for more information. 

Senior Action Projects

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Senior Action Projects

Honor band and choir concert

Every year the Centennial Conference nominates top musicians to take part in the annual conference honor band and choir concert. This year 9 students were selected from Lincoln Lutheran: Alyssa Barnhouse, Lydia Grimpo, Treysen Craig, Elisha Meyer, Noah Stueber, Tyler Scholz, Alice Wentz, Haleigh Fitzsimmons, and Baylee Paxton. Students took part in rehearsals with state renowned conductors Rex Barker and Fred Ritter, and featured their God given talents in a concert ending the day. 

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Congrats to Dylan Brockhaus

I just received notification from Debbie DeFrain, the Director of Fine Arts for the Nebraska Department of Education, that Dylan Brockhaus' art work showing at the Nebraska State Capitol in Youth Art Month (YAM) has been selected as the highlighted student piece for grade bands 9-12 and will be reprinted on the YAM program! The YAM show reception is at 2pm this Saturday in the Nebraska State Capitol rotunda. Recognition will be given then and art work can be taken home at 3:30pm. Congratulations Dylan! 

Lincoln Lutheran Student Art Work at Nebraska State Capitol

Senior, Dylan Brockhaus and grade 7 student Ella Schmidt each had art work selected to represent Lincoln Lutheran at Nebraska's Youth Art Month Show in the Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda! Art work is now on display through Saturday, March 12. The reception is Saturday, March 12 at 2pm. Swing by to check out our students' art work and art work from around the state of Nebraska! It's also fun to tour the capitol to explore the architecture, tile and mixed media mosaics, and other commissioned works of art!

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Recording Studio Coming Together!

With almost everything needed for the Music Department Recording Studio on hand, we will begin installation and construction on the designated room in the coming week! With support from donors and attendee's of the fall sampler concert, the music department was able to raise over $2300 to renovate a practice room into a recording studio. The room will be equipped with sound baffling panels and new audio recording equipment, as well as a full software suite on a Mac for students to record, compose, and rehearse with in order to further their musicianship abilities!

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Mr. Mark Watton

Mark Watton grew up on a farm near Falls City, Nebraska and graduated from Southeast Consolidated High School at Stella in 1977. He attended University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but after one year transferred to Peru State College and also got married to his wife Diana. Mark graduated from Peru State in 1982 and got his first teaching job at Nebraska City Lourdes High School. After four years there, he decided to take a teaching job in Wahoo, Nebraska.

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State Science Bowl

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State Science Bowl @Wayne State