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Senior Retreat Day

Executive Summary: 
Senior retreat day at Messiah Lutheran Church.




Test Date                       Registration Deadline              Late Registration

September 12, 2009               August 7, 2009                                    August 8 – 21, 2009
October 24, 2009                    September 18, 2009                           September 19 – Oct. 2, 2009
December 12, 2009                November 6, 2009                              November 7 – 20, 2009         

Concordia's Dual Credit Program

Lincoln Lutheran is offering nine courses for dual credit with Concordia University. Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to complete 29 credit hours before entering college. 

Cost is $75 per credit hour. 

Students may then transfer the credits from Concordia to their college of choice. 

The courses offered are:
  • Eng 102:   Experiences in Writing (LL English 4) – 3 Credit Hours 
  • Eng 201:   Introduction to Literature (LL English 4) – 3 Credit Hours 

Dual Credit Request Sheets

Lincoln Lutheran News Available Via Twitter

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Science Fair

Executive Summary: 
Middle School Students will set-up their science fair displays between 8-12 on Saturday.