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October 2009 Scholarship List

Attached (in PDF format) is the October 2009 Scholarship List - Scholarships Available for College.  Please see Blank in the office for more information or help with any scholarship questions.

October EducationQuest College Planning Bulletin

A monthly college planning guide for Nebraska high school students


Public Nebraska College Scholarship Opportunity

ALL SENIORS - If you are not planning to attend a PRIVATE COLLEGE, which means you plan on attending a school like UNO,UNL,UNF. CHADRON, ETC. THEN YOU SHOULD apply for the SUSAN T. BUFFETT SCHOLARSHIP. GO TO

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation provides scholarships for tuition and fees up to $3,200 per semester and a textbook allowance of $400 per semester for undergraduate students attending Nebraska public universities, colleges, or community colleges. These funds are available to the extent that tuition, fees and books are not already covered by other grants or scholarships.

All applications must be postmarked no later than March 1st to be accepted.


Important Senior Financial Aid Meeting

The Senior Financial Aid meeting that was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 30 has been rescheduled to Tuesday, Dec. 1.  Senior students and their parents need to attend this important meeting for Financial Aid Information.  The meeting will be located in the commons.

Free ACT Test Questions and Information about the ACT

Website link for ACT Test Sample Questions:

The articles on this site will provide you with the specific information you will need to understand the contents of the ACT, how to register for the ACT, and how to handle various concerns you may have regarding the ACT. These articles provide an overview of various ACT-related issues. Students are advised to consult the official ACT website at or to discuss the ACT with their high school guidance counselor.

Grandparent's/Grandfriend's Day

Executive Summary: 
Please join us as we celebrate National Grandparent's Week
Please join us as we celebrate National Grandparent's Week by hosting our very own Grandparent/Grandfriend Day at Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School on Friday September 11th from 2-3:30. Join us at 2:00 for a short fellowship time and then worship with your special student at our Tuesday Chapel @ 2:45.

School Pictures

Executive Summary: 
School Pictures will be taken by LifeTouch at 8:30am. Bring your packets and money on that day.