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Computer Science Seminar

 Recent Lincoln Lutheran graduates who have gone on to pursue degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering have received starting job offers for up to $100,000. Some of them start receiving offers before they even graduate from college. The University of Nebraska reports, not only a 100% employment rate for their Computer graduates, but that they could place three times as many graduates in jobs.

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Technology Flea Market

Executive Summary: 
Computer Flea-Market: cheap computers & misc technology

Lincoln Lutheran will be holding it's semi-annual technology flea-market in the commons this Saturday (May 12th) from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Each year we update about 25 computers. The old computers get put into classrooms and those computers (typically from 5-8 years old) are sold at our technology flea-market. In addition to the computers, we have various other pieces of hardware and software that has been taken out of service in the course of the last 12 months.

Programming Contest Results

On Friday, March 30th six Lincoln Lutheran students spent the day at the University of Nebraska taking part in Computer Science and Engineering day. The students toured UNL's computer science facilities and heard about some of the research projects underway by gradulate students and undergraduates, but the highlight of the trip was a two and a half hour long programming contest.

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PowerSchool iOS app

Pearson has recently released a set of apps that will allow parents and students to access their PowerSchool information on any iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). The apps are free and you can find them on the iTunes App Store by searching for "Pearson School Systems". These apps do not provide any additional functionality, but can be a convenient tool for accessing grades, assignments and so forth.

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Summer computer class

Each summer, Lincoln Lutheran offers an intensive two-week Computer Applications course, and each year the course is nearly full. The course is a non-graded, competency based class, where students can advance at their own pace. The class meets from 8:00 am until noon, but because the course is self paced and mostly centered around online activities, some students can work longer either at school or at home if they want extra practice or just want to get ahead of the game.

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Summer Computer Class

Executive Summary: 
Summer Computer Class - Mac Lab

Bell Schedule Online

We have about six different schedules that we routinely use at Lincoln Lutheran, and each of those is slightly different for middle school and high school. That can sometimes make it hard to keep track of where your child is if you are making plans to to pick them up for an appointment or drop them off after one.

To make it a little easier to know what schedule we are on, we have a little web-app that keeps track of the schedule we are using each day. You can access that app at You can also access it under Academics on the school website.

Currently, the app knows which days are normally chapel day, non-chapel days and late-start days. it doesn't know when we are using an early out or assembly schedule automatically, but it does have those schedules, so you can select them as needed.

You can also set whether you want to automatically see the middle school schedules or the high school schedules. And you can always choose to view the other schedules no matter what you set as your default.

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A New Website for the New School Year.

Welcome to the brand new Lincoln Lutheran school website. We talked to parents and students. We talked to faculty, our own and others. We researched current trends in school websites both secondary and post secondary. We listened to what you liked and disliked about the former site. You can see the results today.

Any website is about communication, and we wanted to be able to use our website to better communicate with everyone associated with the Lincoln Lutheran community: students, parents, association churches, alumni and supporters. Our old website served as a good starting point, and we learned a lot from it: what to do and what not to do.

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Time for a New Website

Lincoln Lutheran will be launching a new website on Friday, August 27. To do some of the behind the scenes work on the new website, we have to take down the old website. Sorry about any inconvenience this might cause you. In the mean time, we have this really boring site for you to use.

You can still access the most popular parts of the Lincoln Lutheran site through the menu at the top of this page.

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Students Build Websites

Twenty Lincoln Lutheran students built websites this semester as part of the class Multimedia Applications. Starting from scratch, students learned HTML tags and used them to create a website on the topic of their choice. Topics varied widely, ranging from Camp Luther to Healthy Snacks to Warrior Basketball. You can see all twenty websites at

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