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Technology Flea Market on Saturday, May 15th

Lincoln Lutheran's semi annual Technology Flea Market will be held this Saturday, May 15th from 9:00am until 2:00pm. You'll be able to purchase used, but functional, computer equipment priced to move. This year we will also have items from Messiah Lutheran, so the selection will be bigger than ever.

Tech Flea Market

Executive Summary: 
Technology Flea Market. Buy used technology equipment from Lincoln Lutheran, Messiah and others.

Website Information

As some of you have noticed, we've had a few problems with the website this year. Because of a problem that originated at the end of last school year, but was not noticed until the start of this school year, we have not been able to update certain pages on the site. After looking into the problem, we decided that rather then throw more time and money at the problem we would begin transitioning to a new website.

You may have noticed the somewhat unified appearance of the site. Some pages, this one for instance, look like they don't fit with the rest of the site. That is because we moved the dynamic portions of the site to the next version of the software that runs the site. With that change we hoped to buy some time while we did some behind the scenes work to prepare for the new site.

Some of you have been involved in the card-sorts and wire-frame evaluations that have helped us decide on the navigation and layout of the next site. We will soon be presenting that information to a company who will help develop a theme for the site.

LL Students build websites

Twenty-four Lincoln Lutheran students built websites last semester as part of the class Multimedia Applications. Starting from scratch, students learned HTML tags and used them to create a website on the topic of their choice. Topics varied widely, ranging from Family Recipies to Investing to The Differences Between Norway and the USA. You can see all twenty-four websites at

In the past we've used the free service Geocities to build student websites, but after Geocities closed last summer we had to try something else. Having an actual domain name and using an FTP program to move files has made the whole experience very realistic. Students were excited at the number of people who visited their websites.

Students who have an interest in designing websites can take the semester long class Website Design where we go through each step of creating a working, interactive website. From picking a domain name and hosting company to deciding on a content management system, all aspects of running a website are covered. Website Design class is only offered every other semester, so plan ahead.

Follow LL on Twitter

Follow Lincoln Lutheran on Twitter for the most recent school information.  You don't have to have a free Twitter account, but if you have one, you can choose to have announcements sent to you via text message.

Mr. Lloyd Sommerer

Lloyd Sommerer began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran in 2001. He graduated from college at Concordia, Seward with degrees in education and computer science. His first teaching position was in Washington D.C. where he taught seventh and eighth graders. Mr. Sommerer grew up on a small farm in Missouri where his family grew tobacco and raised beef cattle. His family now consists of his wife Lauren and three kittens: Ralph, Waldo & Emerson.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Computer & Math Teacher, Technology Coordinator
Programming 1
Programming 2
Video Editing
Website Design
General Math

Website Main Menu

Take a short survey to help decide where items should be on the new website menu. No experience needed.

Instructions are included with the survey. Basicly, you will be given a menu and a set of questions like, "How would you find Mr. Ziem's email address?" You drag that question onto the menu item where you think that answer should be. There are no wrong answers.

Here's the link to the survey:

Lincoln Lutheran News Available Via Twitter

Because of our recent website problems, we've been slowly moving things over to the latest version of the software that powers our website. One of the benefits of running the new software is that we can provide information in new and exciting ways. is a micro-blogging site. Think of it as a way to provide very short updates to people who are interested in what's going on in your business, organization or personal life. These updates can be viewed from Twitter's website (which isn't really any better than viewing them on Lincoln Lutheran's website), from your cellphone, and in a few other ways. Twitter is a free service. If you're interested in trying it out, sign up for an account at and follow lincolnlutheran.