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HS District Music Contest @ Fairbury

Executive Summary: 
HS District Music Contest: Band & Choir - Small Ensembles & Soloists

Conference Music (TBA)

Executive Summary: 
Conference Music

Conference Music (TBA): Select HS Band/Choir Students (TBA)

HS Christmas Concert

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HS Concert in Main Gym

MS Christmas Concert

Executive Summary: 
MS Concert in Main Gym

Day of Singing @ Concordia

Executive Summary: 
Day of Singing @ Concordia - 12:45 to 7:00 pm

High School Choir Successful at Districts.

     Thursday and Friday, the 22 and 23 of April, was the District music competition for the High School Choir. Director Jared Wilhelm and student teacher Emily Bruflat led the choir, jazz choir, and soloists that attended. The ensembles at Districts are rated on a 1 to 5 scale, 1 being the highest. The jazz choir performed two pieces, Bim Bom and Smoke Get In Your Eyes. The choir, also performed two pieces, Veni Sancti Spiritus and Witness. Along with these pieces were many solos. After the competition, the choir recieved a 1, jazz choir a 2 and soloists a mixture of 1s and 2s. It was a very successful week for these singers.

Ms. Jesse Wisroth

Jesse Wisroth was born and raised in Crawford, Nebraska.  The daughter of a Lutheran pastor, Wisroth moved with her family to Saratoga, Wyoming, when her father took a Call to the dual parish there.  In Saratoga, she attended public middle and high school, graduating in 2005.

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Foreign Language, Football Coach, Track Coach, Media Specialist
Spanish 1

All State Choir Audition Cuts Announced


Below is the auditon cut release for tomorrows All State audition.  Read carefully.

Attention Choral Audition Students:

Have your three pieces of music opened to the correct page and ready to go in order when you walk in to the audition room.


The first excerpt will begin immediately following the completion of the scales and arpeggios.  Be ready to move on to the next excerpt when you have completed the previous one.


There are about 6 seconds of time between the ending of the arpeggios and the beginning of excerpt #1 accompaniment, about 4 seconds from the end of excerpt #1 until the beginning of excerpt #2 accompaniment, and about 3 seconds from the end of excerpt #2 to the beginning of excerpt #3 accompaniment.

Good luck in your auditions!

Kelly Meyer, NMEA Choral Chair, Beatrice High School


Selections for the 2009 NMEA All-State Chorus Auditions: